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Grab Bags, emergency preparedness kits, waterproof bags, materials to go in to bags and kits.

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SandHoppers - The best way to fill sandbags, which are proven to reliably protect doors, airbricks, toilets, drains, etc.

Warminster, United Kingdom
Sandhoppers are the best way to fill sandbags and sandbags are often the first line of defence. But filling them can be hard work! It's much, much easier to fill sandbags with a SandHopper - much safe

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EVAQ8.co.uk (Flood Kits - Emergency Preparedness Kits - Go Bags)

Acton, London W3 0AF
Having the right tools in place is key for Emergency Preparedness and that includes flooding. Equip yourself with the right emergency kits for your home and business. Flood Kits, Shelter-in-Place Kits

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Myfloodmate - Direct protection or a Diversion product to protect your business or possessions

POOLE, Dorset, Poole
A water-fillable protection or diversion product that can give you direct prevention or additional invaluable time to move vital personal effects.

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fire and water logo (002)

Fire and Water Supplies

Fire & Water Supplies is the UK’s leading supplier of flood protection products and fire protection products across a multitude of industries with a diverse, wide-ranging customer base.

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