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  • Allups Flood Traps weighing grams not kilograms are light enough for children and the elderly to handle so instead of feeling like vulnerable flood victims to be rescued everyone can take action and make a real difference to the outcome. 
  • The 2mm thick strips are quickly and easily trapped between a robust outside door and its frame. When wet they swell creating a water proof gel that boosts the door’s seal against the higher flood water pressure until the floods water drains away even if it takes a few days.
  • This is a significant benefit over 10 x 15 kg sandbags + tarpaulin sheet needed to make a 0.5m high barrier or indeed many heavy fitted door panel style barriers as promoted on the .gov website
  • If you don’t like to be reminded of the fact that you are concerned about flooding Flood Traps are ideal, you can store them in a draw for use as and when you need them, just don’t forget where you put them please!.

  • See video here. Simply trap our
    Floodlock® Flood Traps between your doors & windows and their frames when you become aware of a risk of possible flood. If you need a “belt” that works well on its own or to add support to the “braces” provided by an installed flood barrier, Flood Traps are a very wise choice so even if there is a shortage of manpower even more vulnerable parties can make a difference.
  • Proven by the
    Scottish Flood Forum and 
    on test to reduce flood damage
    from contaminated surface flood water each pack creates a barrier
    converting the door into a flood door to the height of the traps run up
    the door, 0.5m (1ft 8″) or more with more lengths of flood

  • Secured by the
    closed door or window
    Floodlock Flood Traps cannot be swept away to create
    a flood hazard downstream.

  • They work well against rain/river/sewage/burst water main and other unsalted water surface flooding. Following collaboration with Boston Borough Council Floodlock Flood Traps are also effective against sea water & tidal floods, see how to pre-activate them here. 
  • Once they have done their work they can be buried in the garden where they will help retain water for plants or simply be placed in the household waste bin – no need to deploy the army or special teams in polluting trucks to collect wet sandbags weighing 25kgs each.

  • To help you protect precious items and clean
    up in hard to get to areas
    Floodlock Leak and Spill Traps will hold 1.75L
    and have a stay dry face. Watch a video to learn more about them and the many ways they can
    be of use in reducing water damage to property and much more and buy by clicking take me to Allups ltd Floodlock Flood Leak & Spill Traps.

  • If
    you have a particularly unpleasant wet mess for example after some items from raw
    sewage flow into your home you might like to use
    Floodlock Messups to
    make the clean-up task a little less disgusting. Its 
    citrus fragrance can help freshen up the site.

  • Visit our FL100 Floodlock Messups page to see a short video demonstrating how it worked against chicken noodle soup on carpet.

  • To find out
    more about any of our products and purchase them please visit or contact
    Steve Jacobs, by e-mail at

  • To see what some reasons why you you really do need to prepare for flood including a video link to Lord Krebs key findings of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 and comments from the Scottish Flood Forum’s Operations Director after he saw our Flood Traps protecting 4 homes in Glasgow please take a look at our News archive.

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