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EVAQ8.co.uk (Flood Kits - Emergency Preparedness Kits - Go Bags)

Passionate about Emergency Preparedness – EVAQ8.co.uk
We hope you never find yourself in an emergency situation such as flooding but in today’s world independent emergency preparedness is necessary for resilience. Having the right tools in place is key.

Flood Kits, Emergency Preparedness Kits and Go-Bags are necessary resources that help to keep you safe in an Emergency. This is especially important if you own a Business.

Business Continuity: 1 in 5 businesses are affected every year – 80% don’t survive beyond 18 months.
Equip yourself with Emergency Kits for Home or Business you know you can depend on; i.e.

Emergency Grab Bag – essential supplies for an immediate evacuation
Emergency Preparedness Kit – essential supplies for sheltering-in-place
Flood Kit –  special content emergency kit for residents and flood marshals

We strive to find the lowest cost items for our customers but will never compromise on quality. If we stock it – You can depend on it in an emergency:

100% customer satisfaction
same day FREE shipping (orders over £60.- net VAT or low standard charges)
quality products at best prices

Your situation is unique – find a unique solution
Sometimes one size does not fit all and unique solutions are needed, for example specialized content or bags. We offer custom sourcing at competitive prices, 100% customer satisfaction and expert assembly in the UK short lead times on custom orders
no minimum order quantities

See some of our satisfied customers and read genuine independent reviews on Trustpilot.
Find out more and visit us now on EVAQ8.co.uk or if you have any questions simply call +44 (0) 20 8992 1935

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distance: 3,559 Miles
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