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Isodaq Technology

Isodaq Technology specialise in the development and supply of low-cost flood monitoring and flood warning telemetry systems.  Isodaq flood warning systems are very easy to use and have been installed at over 400 sites for more than 40 lead local flood authorities and local flood action groups.     Our solutions and service include :-

Remote site telemetry devices using low-cost GSM/GPRS mobile services
Continuous logging of flood water-level and/or flow
Suitable for rivers, urban watercourses, culvert screens or sewers
Option for camera to show latest status pictures of trash screens
Option for automatic rain-gauge and weather stations
Systems suitable for emergency response teams and local flood groups
On-line access to data via web-site from PC, Tablet or smart-phone
Flood alert messages sent via email or SMS texts
Trigger ‘Road Closed’ LED signage or flood gate open-closed status
Turnkey design, installation and maintenance services available

For rapid response catchments we recommend a combination of rain-gauge and water-level monitoring with options to generate forecasts using simple rainfall-runoff models.  This provides valuable extra time for mobilising emergency responses or to erect property level protection measures.

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