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The prime focus of the National Flood Forum’s activities is with those communities that have either been effected by flooding or are at risk of flooding because of their location.

Since it’s inception The National Flood Forum has sought to be a focal point for all those who find their lives disrupted by flooding.

We have found that the best way of making things happen locally is by communities working together with those who can make a difference: Local Authorities, the Environment Agency/Natural Resources Wales and water companies among them.

The National Flood Forum has worked to create a rapport at a high level with those and other organisations, such as the Association of British Insurers, and with the Government, so that we can represent the views of those in flood risk areas.

However, it is most important that those links are made at local level as well as at the top to ensure that progress can be made and the NFF has helped many Community Groups to create those links. Often this has been achieved by introducing neighbouring community groups to each other so that best practices and contacts can be shared.

To see how effective progress can be made by forming a Community Group please use the resources in this site and/or contact Heather Shepherd, the Community Support and Recovery Manager, on 01743 741725 for more details and assistance.

If you have information that you wish to share with other groups on how your community has tackled a particular issue please feel free to submit details to us through Heather by emailing: We will try to feature it through this site or one of our regular newsletters.

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