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Is Government backsliding on Flood Risk Insurance?

In March 2012 Government promised that it was serious about finding a solution to flood risk insurance, when the current agreement with the Insurance Industry – the “Statement of Principles” runs out in 2013.  That was after 2 years of discussions.

Paul Cobbing, Chief Executive of the National Flood Forum said “We are still waiting.  Despite endless assertions that a solution is just around the corner, nothing substantive has happened since Owen Patterson MP took office as Secretary of State for Defra last September.”

The National Flood Forum is challenging Government to demonstrate that it is committed to protecting people at risk of flooding.  It should announce specific proposals that ensure that flood risk insurance is available and affordable beyond June 2013.  The National Flood Forum has promoted a levy and pool system that shares the risks and protects those who are most vulnerable as the preferred model.

“The current situation just is not good enough,” said Paul Cobbing, “Government has failed to take straight forward decisions and as a result people across the country will be left at risk of not being able to get household insurance with flood risk cover at a reasonable price.”

No-one asks to be flooded – it is one of the most traumatic experiences a family can face – and it is in all of our interests for Government to put in place a framework that delivers insurance that is available, affordable and socially just.  Failure to do so will lead to many people being uninsured, severe hardship for families and small businesses and blighted communities.




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