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Trouble Getting Insurance?

Trouble getting insurance?

Are you having trouble getting flood risk insurance?  We get dozens of enquiries every week from people who are struggling.  We are independent and able to offer advice and guidance on how to go about getting insurance and reducing your premium and/or excess.

Please contact us on 01299 403055.

Charter and Protocol for Flood Friendly Insurance

The National Flood Forum has developed a Charter for Flood Friendly Insurance.  This Charter seeks to restore customer confidence by promoting companies that demonstrate a fresh approach to flooded householders.

We have also developed a protocol which defines the way brokers treat customers and work with the National Flood Forum.  The following organisations have signed up to the protocol:

  • Insurance Choice: click on their name for a link to their website or call 01926 454400
  • Culpeck Insurance Services Ltd.: Specialist Flood Area/Zone Home Insurance including properties close to a river or the sea. If you wish to discuss your specific needs please ring 01733 208278  Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Alternatively send an email to:

You can also contact the British Insurers Brokers Association or the Association of British Insurers, which is the trade body for insurance companies.

Obtaining flood insurance in high risk areas

If your property has suffered from flood damage in the past, if there is a history of flooding in your neighbourhood or you are within an identified flood risk area, it can sometimes be difficult to find insurance cover.

This guide aims to provide, in one place, information that will help you to obtain a suitable policy.

It explains how to get specialist help and what information you may be asked to give, provides tips on how to reduce the impact of flooding and the last section of the guide provides useful information on key organisations – their responsibilities and contact details and relevant websites for further reading.

As of April 2016 homeowners in flood-risk areas, or those that are deemed to be at risk, can also benefit from Flood Re.  This government-backed scheme aims to make it much easier for people to shop around for more affordable insurance and promises to benefit around 350,000 residential properties.   However it doesn’t cover all properties so if you’re excluded from Flood Re please do use the information we’ve set out here or call our helpline for further advice.

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