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Trouble Getting Insurance?

Trouble getting insurance?

Are you having trouble getting flood risk insurance? We get dozens of enquiries every week from people who are struggling. We are independent and able to offer advice and guidance on how to go about getting insurance and reducing your premium and/or excess.
Please contact us on 01299 403055.

Household insurance

Many homeowners and tenants at risk of flooding struggle to get household insurance, but there are some simple things to do to increase the chances of success:
  1. Phone insurers directly, rather than using price comparison websites.
  2. Check whether you are eligible for Flood Re by checking their website or if you cannot access the internet, telephone our advice line.  If you are eligible:
a. Phone individual insurers listed on the Flood Re website.  It is important to contact at least three companies to  encourage competition and so that you can compare products.  If you are eligible and find that you are getting no quotes after phoning 10 companies, please contact us.
b. You may find that you get a better offer without the use of Flood Re, so it is worth bearing this in mind.
3.  If you are not eligible for Flood Re:
a. Phone insurance companies and brokers directly.
b. Contact companies in our Broker Protocol (soon to be updated).
c. Telephone our advice line for help on accessing insurance.

Broker Protocol

The National Flood Forum has entered agreements with the companies below where we act as an Independent Introducer Appointed Representative.  The companies provide a donation for each new policy and renewal signed and agree to abide by the Insurance Broker Protocol.  The National Flood Forum checks that the company is on the Financial Conduct Authority register and receives a copy of the broker’s Treating Customers Fairly document.
Brokers often specialise in certain areas, allowing them to offer policies where other companies might find it more difficult to do so.
The Home Insurer can help you with Flood Insurance.  Expect personal, professional service and the UK’s best flood specialist and Flood Re insurers.  Call 0800 612 5764 or visit the dedicated National Flood Forum page on The Home Insurer site.  Quotes will be given for any property and claims history.
Insurance companies and brokers may also advertise on Blue Pages.


  1. When asking for a quote it is important that you tell the whole truth.  The danger of not doing so is that you invalidate your policy and you will not be able to make a claim should you need to.  You should avoid the temptation to overlook a previous flooding incident or a nearby ditch.
  2. Make sure that you read the insurance policy in full before purchase to make sure that it covers you and meets your needs.  The cheapest policy is not always the best.
  3. Be thoughtful when thinking about the value of the goods and property being insured.  Whilst you don’t wish to be over-insured, underinsurance can result in only part of your claim being paid.
  4. Do keep receipts of major items purchased for future reference.  Photographs of your rooms and contents may also be useful if you need to make a claim at some future date.

What is Flood Re?

Flood Re is a reinsurance scheme for household insurance, agreed between Government and the insurance industry and launched in 2016.  It closes in 2039.  It works behind the scenes to enable insurance companies to offer more affordable buildings and contents insurance to homeowners and tenants.
From a practical perspective, policy holders deal only with their insurance company.  Flood Re operates in the background.  However, it may be helpful to know which companies have signed up to Flood Re by visiting their website.
Visit Flood Re for more details.

Small businesses

Small businesses are increasingly struggling to get insurance in high flood risk areas.  There is no scheme such as Flood Re to help them access insurance.  This can have severe consequences, because as well as not being able to claim for losses if there is a flood, it can create difficulties in getting loans, managing cashflow, acquiring property and entering in to contracts.  In areas where there is repeated flooding of a number of businesses it can impact on the economy of the whole area.
Business insurance operates on a different basis to household insurance, usually through a broker.  There is a list of specialist broker through the British Insurance Broker Association Find a Broker scheme.  We may also be able to give limited help through our advice line.










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